Slight ‘taxpayer fatigue’ seen in Nov. 2017 collection figures

Greece’s independent Public Revenues Authority last week provided figures over revenue collection for November 2017, with the trend showing a rising “fatigue” among taxpayers in the country to cover skyrocketing obligations to the state and social security funds.

Among others, the rate of collection for VAT remittances fell in November 2017 to 81.11 percent from 82.83 in the previous month.

Over the 11-month January-November 2017 period, the same figure was 84.07 percent, slightly down from 84.6 percent in 2016 and 81.53 percent in 2015, in the corresponding periods of those years.

In terms of income tax collection in November 2017, the rate of collection increased to 67.19 percent, up from 57.14 percent in October 2017. The comparison, however, isn’t representative, given that only 28.26 million euros of confirms obligations were verified, of which 16.15 million euros were collected. Conversely, the last installment of income tax levy was due in November 2017, bringing the verified figure for tax collection at 1.342 billion euros, with the actual amount reaching state coffers being 901 million euros.

Over the 11-month period, the collection rate for income tax by individual taxpayers reached 68.1 percent, slightly lower than the rate during the corresponding period in 2016.

The highest rate of collection deals with corporate/business taxes, which reached 86.95 percent in November 2017.


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