Mandra mayor to Marinakis: ‘You were the first to stand by us’

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Olympiacos F.C. owner Vangelis Marinakis from the start has stood by the flood-stricken residents of Mandra, Western Attica, walking through the roads and alleyways to survey the damages incurred by the 15 November disaster, and providing concrete assistance in reconstruction projects.

Marinakis met with the mayor of Mandra-Eidyllia, Ioanna Kriekouki, who detailed the damages and suffering endured by Mandra residents.

“I do not want to offer many words, nor did come to promote ourselves by exploiting what happened in this city. What we did from the first moment, without notifying anyone, was to come and help. My discussion with the mayor highlighted the fact that there are heightened needs. I have instructed our people to try and do the best possible work – not only those who were already here, but the expert teams that we marshaled and brought here,” Marinakis said.

“Tell us specifically what to do and we will help you. Whatever we do is from the heart. The objective is to restore a rebuild a functional city, so that such a tragedy may never happen again. We shall do whatever you ask, repairing the school, clothing, and whatever is needed,” he said.

“We don’t have to talk about this. The issue is what we can do to stop the suffering. And that is what we are doing once again. We are doing all that we promised, and nothing more.”

Mandra mayor extols cooperation

For her part, Mayor Kriekouki said, “We shall never forget you. You were the first person to stand by our side. We never forget that. Our infrastructure is destroyed. Nothing is left.”
“The machinery and equipment which you brought here, and your people, gave us a breather. I am glad you are here because you have set up many projects for this state in your life, and I would like to ask you to do whatever you can for this city, a city of households and people who have given our lives to create something, and now nothing is left, neither in homes, nor in our municipality. We want you to assist us at this moment, when the state is weak,” the mayor said.

Olympiacos totally mobilized

The largest multi-team athletic association in Greece, Olympiacos, from the very beginning hastened to offer assistance and relief to the residents of the area. From the first day, Marinakis ordered the entire organisation – the PAE Olympiacos football team, “Karaiskakis [stadium] S.A., the staff at the training centre at Renti, “Thrylos S.A.”, and the directors of the Academy. The entire Thrylos [Olympiacos] family was mobilised.

Marinakis pledge that this full mobilization of his resources will continue for as long as the town and its residents require assistance in rebuilding their lives.


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